Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've joined up.... what now?

 Woo hoo- I've taken the plunge- I've made the huge step of joining Michelle Bridges- 12 Week Body Transformation (or 12WBT). 

For those of you who are curious- here's the link  

Round 3 of the program commences on 20th September, so you still have time to join up (if you haven't already). . . 

So, I thought i'd start a blog, to show my progress (let's hope that there actually is some progress). It will be a good way to look back, to stay motivated and to keep you all up to date with where I am also at. 

My 12 week goal is to lose between 10-12kgs and to be able to run 5kms. 

I would also like to get my BMI into the healthy range for my height. 

I have a very full on family history of heart disease, diabetes and cancer in both my Mum and Dads families, so it's really important to me to be able to lose this weight and to get myself healthy!!

I look forward to sharing my journey along the way with you all.  . . 

Here are my before photos:

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